Sweet Teeth and My Journey

My family has sweet teeth. I love sweets so much that I definitely have more than one sweet tooth…and it’s definitely genetic 🙂 Whenever I go home my dad tries to convince me to make him cookies and if I agree he will eat quite a few when I am not looking. I’ve started saving him cookies whenever I don my baking cap.


All over the internet these days you see posts about “clean eating”, how to cut back on sugar, healthy this, unhealthy that, and. so. on. I cringe when I see these titles and I never read the posts. As a future dietitian I understand that certain foods are more nutritious than others, but I do not label foods as healthy or unhealthy or good or bad. Yes the vegetables, whole grains, and legumes that I ate for dinner were more nutritious than the handfuls (yes, multiple) of chocolate chips that I had afterwards. But food does not have moral value and so the chocolate chips cannot be bad. Chocolate chips are simply cane sugar, cocoa, butter, soy lecithin, and vanilla extract. And you know what, they tasted delicious.

I have been trying to be more mindful lately and really that means being aware of internal and external hunger cues. Today my hormones and my level of tiredness were definite sources of motivation that led me to the cupboard. And I knew I was in a chocolate mood and I accepted that. Therefore, I let myself finish the bag, which was a few handfuls. Sure I could have had less, but I chose to eat the chocolate chips. I knew I was eating out of tiredness, frustration, emotions, etc. Today was one of those days after 8 hours of work and a midterm that I did not have the energy to be intuitive and to analyze why I was eating dessert and what I could do differently. My schedule has been completely out of whack since Spring Break and I acknowledged that and let myself have a larger than usual treat. It’s been a trend lately.


(my treat a few nights ago)

This is not to say that I am not using mindfulness, because I am. I am aware of the reasons behind my choice to eat the chocolate chips. I am aware why I felt driven to consume them.

Some people argue that “people would eat healthier if they just had more willpower…” Is that really all it is? If I had more will power tonight would I have eaten fewer chocolate chips? Maybe. Maybe not. Would I have felt less stress? No. I probably would have felt more stressed by depriving myself of the instant gratification that comes from chocolate for me. And stress can cause it’s own problems on the body. Hello tension headaches, upset stomached, and anxiety. Would I have been healthier if I had eaten fewer chocolate chips? No. Because a few handfuls of chocolate is not going to define who I am or my eating habits or eating style. For the most part I consume whole grains, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, legumes, etc. Sure I love my chocolate and most days I only have a piece or two to cure that craving, but some days I have a few handfuls of chocolate chips and other days I have a thick slice of peanut butter pie.

Eating these foods do not make me a failure. Healthy versus unhealthy is not black and white like the media and society makes it seem, but rather a continuum and honestly any foods can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. I feel that I am being healthy by allowing myself a few extra handfuls of chocolate to unwind after a long day and what has already been a long week. I am putting less stress on my body. I have added to my health by consuming nutrient dense foods throughout the day and these chocolate chips do not mitigate or take away from that. It’s all about the entire picture.

And it’s not just about willpower. One of my favorite presentations by one of my professors talks about willpower and how you only have so much of it. If you use all of your willpower and decision making capabilities in other areas of your life (aka at work and school or while exercising) then it makes using willpower to eat “better” that much harder. So no, willpower is not the answer.

Eat to obtain nutrients for your body.

Eat for pleasure.

Eat alone.

Eat with friends.

Eat at home.

Eat at restaurants.

Give your body the nutrients that it needs and deserves, but also acknowledge that eating is so much more than biological. It’s social and cultural. It’s an event and it can be therapeutic. For these reasons eating is complex. This is why normal eating emphasizes eating a variety of foods (while not labeling foods as good or bad) and overeating or under-eating on occasion. Normal eating is broad and all encompassing so eat and be you. Don’t let eating (or certain foods) define you. 

Being Flexible

Things don’t always go according to plan. This past week was a perfect example. For one, I was supposed to go into Boston on Tuesday and then a blizzard hit…in March. I ended up going into Boston on Thursday instead. I was supposed to drive back to Vermont Thursday evening, but my car had engine trouble. Luckily my parents are amazing and I made it home and my dad took over from there. I was able to return to Vermont on Friday…only a few days late. Saturday I woke up with a flat tire and had to speed walk up the icy hill to get to work on time…not fun. I was supposed to run 6 miles that day, but after a miracle (aka help from Rebecca and her husband, whom I am eternally grateful) I ended up getting a new tire and going grocery shopping instead. Moral of my spring break: Things happen. You can’t control them. And life wasn’t made to be planned and executed perfectly. 

While life isn’t perfect, neither is marathon training or marathon fueling. And it’s not supposed to be perfect.

Marathon training: This week, while staying at Julie’s I took a rest day (which was beautiful and sunny) simply because I wanted to taste test donuts with Julie and Greg instead…it happens. Then later in the week I was kicking myself for skipping a day with perfect running weather when Mother Nature decided to dump over a foot of snow creating very challenging running conditions. But would I give back that day of donut eating for the run that I had scheduled? No.

I made plans to reschedule the missed run on Saturday after work. I knew this would be a mental struggle since the gym was closed that weekend (Spring Break), but I also knew that with the time change the days are longer and the sun would {hopefully} inspire me. Unfortunately, I had one of the most challenging days at work, not to mention dealing with a flat tire, and all I could manage to do was grocery shop, cook dinner, and drink some (or 2 glasses) wine. It was all I could muster and I had to accept that.

Speed work also didn’t happen this week without a gym to use and icy sidewalks and/or snow everywhere. My long run this past week was so much slower because of the uneven and icy terrain. The motivation was also lacking since I was not at home most of the week and was dealing with a lot of change, drastic weather, and challenging situations. If I have learned anything this past year (aka while in rotations) it’s that when things are difficult in one area of your life you need to cut yourself some slack in other areas. 

Marathon fueling: This past week was Spring break and of course I found myself eating more high fat, high sugar foods than normal…and drinking much more wine. You saw the picture of the donuts…and I had more time to cook delicious food. I’ve also been noticing that my clothes fit differently. While this bothered me one morning when trying to find something to wear to a presentation, it didn’t last long. My body has come so far since this time last year. Rotations limited my physical activity and now I am running at least 30 miles a week! Last week I ran 15 miles consecutively which is my longest run to date. I also value my newfound relationship with sweets. If I want them they are there and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Tonight Molly and I enjoyed some of Trader Joe’s version of Oreos and I happily dipped mine in peanut butter. I can’t tell you the last time I had an Oreo with peanut butter (actually yes I can, it was Easter of my Freshman year…when I had given up chocolate for Lent and proceeded to eat all of the tempting foods). Now I can enjoy these foods and not feel like I am going to overdo it. I had a few Oreos and felt satisfied. There is a huge difference, from what I have noticed, in the way that I am approaching food and I no longer feel controlled by it. It’s freeing, but a daily process.

I continue to struggle with intuitive eating since I am a planner. I try to budget myself while grocery shopping and plan my meals to a “T”. However, then I find I am highly unsatisfied with the food that I eat. I’ve noticed by having more snacks available and more options of things to cook for meals I am more creative in the kitchen and enjoy the food more. Determining how to balance having more options while also remaining true to my hunger levels and letting that drive my eating habits is a continual process. There is no perfect way to eat, though, and normal eating can mean under or overeating on occasion.

All I can do is continue to train day by day and continue to practice intuitive eating meal by meal. It won’t be perfect, nor should it be.

Happy training and definitely happy eating everyone.

Portsmouth Stay-Cation

I call visiting Portsmouth a stay-cation because I usually just hunker down with the twin and her pup. We don’t explore that much anymore. Sometimes I get antsy by this because I love going out to new restaurants and exploring new places, but I love just being in the presence of my sister. And who doesn’t love cuddling with a dog?! If you don’t enjoy that we won’t be friends.

I got to Portsmouth Sunday evening and went for a quick 3 mile run after being in the car forever. I am also trying to stay on top of my training while away which is hard. I cooked up some “power” bowls for dinner (aka quinoa, chicken, roasted brussels/carrots/mushrooms, avocado, and siracha). We of course had some wine with dinner.
Monday morning I slept in a bit and got ready for a bit day in Portland. I should have ran in the morning but the weather said it felt like -12 out…no thanks. Instead I spent the time preparing and getting ready (no I do not normally need a full morning to get ready). I also managed to get a little bit of homework done.

Around noon time Greg picked me up to head to Portland. What a guy to be willing to travel with me 🙂 We had a blast (in my humble opinion). For a recap of my eats in Portland please see my previous post. It was a seriously delicious day. We watched Neighbors 2 and then Greg and I also watched How to Be Single. So funny.

Tuesday morning Julie and I got up to run 4.7 miles before the snow storm. It was flurrying but not bad out yet. Then I ventured into downtown Portsmouth with the pup to get a cup of coffee and coffee beans to take home. Why is it that I spend $15 on coffee from Portsmouth, but won’t do the same and splurge on Speeder and Earls at home? I don’t know, but that is going to change.

I got some homework done while Julie worked from home and then come 2pm it was time to start out movie marathon. First up, Safe Haven. Such a good Nicholas Sparks movie. We had some tea while watching and the electricity only flickered off twice. The wine was insane. It knocked down a huge tree across the street. We also watched Amy Schumer’s Leather Show on Netflix and laughed for the whole hour. That evening I made pasta carbonara with chicken, kale, peppers, and onions. It turned out delicious. We also enjoyed a glass of rose that I got this past weekend (thank you Dad!). I had googled what to eat with rose because I figured it would be worth while. We ate that while Julie caught up on Greys Anatomy. Then we watched 10 Things I Hate About You and boy do I love that movie. We ended the night with Chicago Med before we both fell asleep. I would call that a good snow day.

Wednesday I woke up to sun and a dog jumping on me. Is there any better way to wake up in the morning? I decided I would do some homework in the morning while Julie was at work and then go outside for a run and to play with the dog. Well after lunch (leftover pasta carbonara) I ventured outside and made it .36 miles. There aren’t any neighborhoods that close to Julie and the sidewalks were nowhere to be found. The roads are also very narrow with the snow and once I was sprayed by a plow twice in a matter of 5 minutes I turned around. It wasn’t worth the frustration or the potential danger. Instead I shoveled out Julie’s neighbor which hurt my arms so much. And then threw some sticks in the yard for Lyla to chase.

I’m sitting here having a dilemma. I am trying to get my runs in…but it’s not going well. I’m not one to go to the end of the moon (that’s a saying right?) to get these things done. I am getting better about convincing myself to run on mentally tough days. And while I didn’t want to do it, I did make it outside and start before turning around. I called Julie’s gym and it costs $25 to go for a day…um poor graduate student over here…I’ll only go if Julie goes too because then the price gets cut in half. I’m also cooking dinner tonight to pay my keep as Julie put it…and I want to cook something epic.

I ended up combining a few different recipes to make my own version of Jeanne’s amazing lasagna which she said comes from a cookbook called Silver Palate. I switched it up by using a bechamel recipe with olive oil and adding ground turkey and more vegetables and different cheese.

While I was cooking the lasagna we heated up garlic bread from Shaw’s because there is no such thing better than bread when it comes to me and Julie. I also bought us some Apothic Inferno, which was soooooo good! Definitely one of my favorites. The bourbon flavor is spot on. I served salads on the side of the lasagna and more garlic bread of course. See below for the recipe.

We ate dinner while watching This Is Us and then watched a movie called Impossible. It’s about the 2004 tsunami and it was so moving. I definitely teared up at times and Julie, Greg, and I were on the edge of our seats. Well not Greg so much. Lyla was snoring so that brought us back to reality.

Before leaving Thursday morning I went for an early 5 mile run with Julie. It was cold, but the sunrise was beautiful and I loved exploring side streets of downtown Portsmouth with her. Portsmouth is such a pretty town. Headed out around 8:15am to get to Boston for my informal interview and what do you know…another cylinder in my engine broke. Nothing could stop me from getting to Boston though and it’s a perfect excuse to spend the night at home before driving back to Burlington in the morning.

Lasagna for the Soul (adapted from The Silver Palate)


  • 1 pound ground turkey
  • 1 medium eggplant, cut small
  • 2 bell peppers (I used red and orange), cut small
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 8 ounces lasagna noodles
  • 8 ounces mozzarella cheese
  • 1 jar tomato sauce (look for one without sugar!)
  • 1 recipe for bechamel (Angerer, 2013)
    • 1/4 cup olive oil
    • 1/4 cup flour
    • 2 cups milk
    • spices as desired


  1. Cut the vegetables while cooking the noodles according to the package directions.
  2. In a large saute pan cook the onion in some oil for about 2 minutes before adding desired spices (garlic powder, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, etc.). Then add the peppers and eggplant and cook well.
  3. Once vegetables are no longer crisp pour them into a bowl and cook the ground turkey in the same skillet. Cook until no longer pink.
  4. While the turkey is cooking, mix the olive oil and the flour in a pan for the bechamel sauce. Once combined and no longer lumpy, add the milk stirring consistently over medium heat. You will need to continuously stir as the sauce will thicken and clump/burn. Do not let this happen. Once thickened, remove from heat and stir in desired spices.
  5. Spoon half of the tomato sauce onto the bottom of a pan. Add a layer of lasagna noodles. Top with the turkey and then the vegetables. Cover with 1/2 of the bechamel sauce and about 1/3 of the cheese. Then add the other 1/2 jar of the tomato sauce before topping with the last of the noodles, bechamel and cheese.
  6. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Cut into pieces according to your hunger level. Great with a side salad and some crispy garlic bread.




  1. Lukins S, Rosso J. The silver palate cookbook. New York, New York: Workman Publishing Company, Inc. 2007. Print.
  2. Angerer D. Olive oil bechamel – the blog. http://www.danielangerer.com/. Published May 7, 2013. Accessed March 15, 2017.

WIAW – Traveling

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday takes a look at what I ate on a day of traveling and site seeing. I woke up at 6:30 to my alarm and promptly fell back asleep. I had slept great and wanted a little bit more rest. So I slept until 7am and it felt great. The wind chill still said negative degrees so Julie and I opted to not go for a run. Good choice in my opinion. Breakfast for me was a large cup of coffee, two pieces of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and jam and two clementines. I have really been into the toast lately and this is what I brought with me to Julie’s.

I worked on some homework and some transportation planning for the next hour before getting ready. I had an informal interview at 2pm so I wanted to have enough time to look the part. Of course I couldn’t find a blow dryer. But I had plenty of time to let my hair air dry.

Around 11am I had a yogurt for a snack because I was starting to get hungry and I knew I wouldn’t be eating for a while. Julie’s boyfriend was driving with me to Portland and we have epic eating plans. I know this wasn’t the point of my trip to Portland, but I was so so excited. The night before we had researched Duckfat and Holy Donut. I had a minor heart attack when I thought Duckfat wasn’t open on Mondays, but do not fear, it is. Julie and I also stalked Holy Donut’s Instagram account and were drooling…

I spent some time researching the commuter rail and subway system for my travels the following day and of course it was supposed to blizzard…

Greg picked my up at 11:50 and we hit the road for Portland. We got to Holy Donut at 12:45 and ran inside expecting them to be sold out of the popular flavors. Lucky for us it was a Monday and we had our pick! Buying ½ dozen turned into buying a whole dozen. We couldn’t resist.

  • 2 maple frosted
  • 2 dark chocolate coconut
  • 2 dark chocolate sea salt
  • 1 dark chocolate cinnamon
  • 1 sweet potato ginger glazed
  • 1 vegan vanilla coconut
  • 1 old fashioned
  • 1 berry cannoli
  • 1 vanilla glazed

I’ve never been a huge donut fan but when they are homemade and local and each one is hand cut I can get on board. Especially when the story behind the store is an owner’s desire for a healthy donut. Because yes donuts can be part of a healthy lifestyle. I had a few bites…and then some of most of the flavors and am so happy we tried as many as we could because how often am I in Portland?! Thank you for the suggestion Colleen!!

Greg and I sped over to Duckfat to get some food before my appointment at Maine Medical. The service was fantastic. I mentioned I had an appointment and the waiter said he could seat us immediately and likely be in and out in a half hour. I wish I had more time there. Greg and I both ordered snacks. Fried Brussels with apples and maple bacon in a mustard vinegar for me…

And poutine for him…

We both got the duck confit panini which had pickled apple and kohlrabi with an herb mayo.

After my appointment Greg and I explored some more. I was psyched he didn’t go to Harbor Fish Market without me. We picked out some oysters and salmon to have later! I was the only one in heels in the Fish Market.

We also stopped at Cabela’s to look at the stuffed animals and the fish and why not?!

We came home and I couldn’t wait any longer to try the donuts!! We dug in. Julie and I split the dark chocolate coconut and tried almost all the other ones…don’t worry there are still a lot left 😉

We finished the night with wine and oyster! Living the coastal life.

Greg also made us delicious salmon, rice pilaf and broccoli. I also had a few more bites of donuts because they were calling to me.

My appointments in Boston fell through tomorrow because of the storm so I am enjoying a snow day with my sister. And hopefully a run.

A Weekend with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad finally came to Vermont and it was the coldest weekend in a long time. Saturday there was actually a wind chill advisory because of temperatures reaching -25 degrees. It was rough. I woke up and lounged around, did some homework, and watched TV while semi-napping. Around 12:30pm my parents texted me to meet them outside that we could go get some lunch.

I took them to August First, a bakery that I went to a few years back with my sister. It’s a cool atmosphere and the food was very good. Mom and I got the same meal of a cup of sweet potato and spicy sausage soup with a half panini. The panini was huge and I got the special of turkey, pesto, and mushrooms. Dad got the whole panini and seemed to enjoy it.

After lunch we ventured to a maple syrup shack, but unfortunately it was too cold for any sugaring to be happening. We did, however, get a taste of some delicious dark amber syrup before ordering a frosted maple donut and one bowl of sugar on snow to share. I also got a quart of dark amber syrup to go and I can’t wait for future brinners (I am thinking french toast needs to happen soon).

It was too cold to do anything outside so we went to Pine Street to hit up some breweries. We went to Zero Gravity first where I was so excited that Conehead with Brio coffee was on tap. My parents each got a flight of four to be able to try all of their beers and of course Conehead, Green State Lager, and Little Wolf stole the show.

Next stop: Switchback. My dad cannot get enough. He loves Switchback and I am required to bring him some every time I go home. He thoroughly enjoyed a pint of their original and mom and I split a flight. I was obsessed with their tiny sample glasses and was able to convince my dad to buy me one. He also treated me to a create-your-own six pack.

For dinner we went to Farmhouse. We started out chatting in the lounge next to the fire and I treated my parents to a round of beers because we hadn’t had enough already…oops. For dinner my dad had the chicken and biscuits, I had the beef duo (iron!) with creamy grits and roasted brussels. Mom got a burger because they do those so well.

It was an early night and I slept like a baby.

Sunday morning I got up and ventured over to my parents’ hotel to run on the treadmill but it didn’t work. So then I came back home to shower and met them at a bagel place before heading back to my apartment to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. I showed my parents the scrapbook I made, I’m very proud of it.

We then hit the road to Waterbury where we had more drinking and eating plans. It was seriously too cold for anything else. We went to the Boyden Valley tasting room in Waterbury and it was a great experience. Dad loved the wine so much that he bought a case and I lucked out by getting a few bottles. So excited. They have a maple fest coming up in a few weekends and I happen to have that weekend off. Fate.

Lunch involved Prohibition Pig which always reminds me of my friend, Teal, and the first time we experienced the shoestring fries and their homemade sauces. I tried their brisket and was pleasantly surprised, not that I had any doubts. We hit the road and I drove with my mom for the first few hours so we could bond and my dad could evaluate my car. He’s so good to me.

I drove the rest of the way to Portsmouth while singing very loudly to some music. I picked up some groceries before getting to Julie’s and being greeted by some very happy dogs. I went for a quick run through downtown Portsmouth and really enjoyed the light and the temperature.

I cooked dinner for Greg and Julie that night (well, Greg cooked the chicken). I made power bowls complete with quinoa, chicken (Greg cooks it so well), roasted brussels sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms, avocado and siracha. It was seriously delicious and I went back for seconds of chicken and brussels. It tasted so nutritious and satisfying. Julie served some wine on the side. Never against having a few glasses with the twin. We both appreciate a good vino.

Relaxing and planning a fun adventure in Portland tomorrow. Very excited to try Duckfat and Holy Donut…stay tuned.

Body Appreciation

I’ve always struggled with body acceptance let alone body appreciation. But I feel that changing. Maybe it’s because I am getting older. But I think it has more to do with truly appreciating all that I have been able to experience in the past year. I couldn’t be where I am without my body and for that I am grateful.

This past year during my dietetic internship I spent my days in rotations and my nights doing homework. Weekends were spent doing more homework, cleaning my apartment, cooking, and working. I rarely exercised and it took a toll on me mentally at first. Eventually I realized that this was not the time to beat myself up for not exercising and indulging a bit frequently. The internship gave me so much more than nutrition knowledge and professional experience.

I learned that my body is not perfect and that’s okay. I love chocolate and wine and that’s okay. Sometimes (…or a lot of the time) I want to sit on the couch and binge watch Gilmore Girls and that’s okay. Sometimes I crave vegetables (bring on the brussels sprouts) and that’s okay. Sometimes I run and sometimes I don’t and that’s okay. Life is about so much more than the number on the scale. It’s about more than whether I exercise or not. It’s about more than the number of squares of chocolate I eat or if I eat chocolate at all.

Julie gave me a bracelet for Christmas that says just breathe on it and I’ve been trying to breathe more, but also to just live more.

I accept my body because it’s the body that has allowed me to work towards being a dietitian this past year. I accept my body because I would not be here without it.

In the past month I have started to move one step further and truly appreciate my body. Body appreciation means valuing what your body does for you. The whole living and breathing thing. The incredible biochemistry that goes on 24/7. The homeostasis. The growth. It’s incredible. I attribute this new found appreciation to pushing my mind to the limit during my internship and pushing my body to the limit with marathon training.

Every new distance, every faster pace amazes me. It all started once I crushed my first tempo (maybe I should let me coach rate my tempos). I’ve also truly began to appreciate that what I eat is fuel for my body and yet eating because I am emotional is okay too. I am not the best intuitive or mindful eater and that’s doesn’t mean I won’t be a good dietitian. Eating is cultural, primal, social, etc. It’s so much and really, there’s no perfect way to do it. No matter how I eat, the food will be digested and used by my body as energy.

I appreciate my body. I appreciate that I have the ability to run and that my body digests the food that I love. But most importantly I appreciate that I have had the opportunity to learn what I am capable of and to begin the road towards body appreciation. Without this body I wouldn’t be this close to graduating with my masters in dietetics. I cry just thinking about the day…

Rest Days

My body loves rest days. Mentally and physically. Today I was planning on running but I woke up to snow, wind, and a sore body from my tempo run yesterday. Rest day it is. Just means I mentally have to get up before work to run tomorrow. I can do it…

This morning I finished some homework before going to my dermatology appointment. Starting last year I have been getting an annual skin check. To be honest, I could have been better about the suntan lotion growing up (hello sunburn in Martinique…) and my beautiful blue eyes and skin tone put me at a higher risk. I am also one to be into taking preventative measures so why not, right?


After my appointment I came home and decided to whip up some protein balls to have during my travels next week. I also always do my cooking the day after vacuuming…why, Megan, why?

Anyways, I loosely followed Anne’s recipe for Salty Maple Nut Energy Bites using what I had on hand. I always have peanut butter on hand and never have nuts, but I have found that using less nut butter than the recipe calls for nuts tends to work (i.e. this recipe called for 2 cups of nuts and I used maybe 3/4 cup of nut butter). I also used a combination of the last of my cereal and wheat bran for the dry ingredients (I still have so much wheat bran). Instead of dates I used rehydrated raisins which I promptly spilt all over my counter and heard water dripping, but couldn’t figure out where…it happens. Life of a tiny kitchen…

The batter (is that what you call it?) stuck together perfectly although it is a bit oily. It made 16 balls of a pretty decent size and I am so looking forward to these for snacks and running fuel! Look for my altered recipe below!

After getting those situated in the refrigerator I roasted an acorn squash and some brussels sprouts to have for dinner the next two nights. I get home from class late on Tuesdays and Thursdays and am never in the mood to cook. I am also trying to use up the food in my refrigerator before my parents come this weekend and I take a quick trip to Portsmouth/Portland/Boston. Talk about crazy next few days for me!

Sitting down now to do some homework before getting up to campus for class (it feels like so much effort…)

Maple Peanut Butter Chia Energy Balls


  • 3/4 cup nut butter of your choice
  • 1 cup rehydrated raisins (soak in water while getting other ingredients ready)
  • 2 cups dry ingredients (I used 1 cup of cereal and 1 cup of wheat bran)
  • 1/8 cup chia seeds
  • 1/8 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup


  1. Combine ingredients in a food processor and pulse into mixed together thoroughly.*
  2. Form into balls. I made about 16 energy balls of a good size (one seems like plenty for me, but some days I will definitely need 2 depending on my hunger).
  3. Store in the refrigerator.

*This was a lot for my small food processor to handle and I actually had to pulse it together in two separate batches. Can cut the recipe in half if need be. 



  1. Anne. Salty maple nut energy bites. Fannetastic Food. http://www.fannetasticfood.com/salty-maple-nut-energy-bites-recipe/. Published September 17, 2015. Accessed March 9, 2017.