Preparing for marathon day…

How do you prepare?

Freak out? Yup. The twin drives up tomorrow morning (although I wish she would drive up tonight) and from then on it will be a full, fun weekend!

Saturday we have to hit up the expo and plan to go with my friends who are also running. After that we will probably do a quick shake out (aka 1-2 miles) and then hang out. Maybe get a creamee since I have yet to have one! Obviously for dinner we will be eating pasta (I don’t have white so maybe I should buy some) and garlic bread. The Shaws garlic bread is so good. And refined. Aka quick fuel for my body!

Then it’s MARATHON DAY! The race starts at the early hour of 7am…so I will likely be up around 5:30am to eat something. Likely peanut butter and jelly toast. No fruit for me today. I may have a small amount of coffee too…but the nerves might be a little too intense for that.

What have I been eating?

  • oatmeal with almond and cashew butter (this stuff is almost gone and I will cry)

  • yogurt and peanut butter with cereal (because it’s the summer and it’s all about yogurt bowls and overnight oats). Or just yogurt and cereal for a snack.

  • avocado egg toast with everything bagel seasoning

  • polenta with beans and sautéed mushrooms

  • lots of peanut butter
  • beer and wine (that counts as carbohydrate loading right?!)

What am I wearing?

  • Capris. I thought about shorts because the weather keeps getting warmer, but the potential chaffing since I haven’t trained in shorts is all too real.
  • Tank top. Likely my blue Athleta one since I have trained in it frequently and it doesn’t move around a lot and isn’t overly tight or loose.
  • Thick running socks. My feet are sensitive.
  • Body glide. Yes, it will go everywhere. My toes especially ^^^^
  • My blue Nikes. I bought these when I signed up for the race and I had some of my best runs in them. They still have some salt stains from my winter runs and that brings a smile to my face.
  • Headband. I recently cut my hair and running or exercising with hair in my face is an absolute NO.
  • Sunscreen. I’m happy the sun will be out, but know that my skin is very sensitive and I need to protect it.
  • My motivation wrap (“just breathe”). Julie gave me this for Christmas and it has gotten me through some tough times. I haven’t worn it for a race but this time I will.

What am I bringing?

  • Spibelt. Gotta carry my supplies somehow.
  • Fruit snacks. I trained with these for all of my longer runs and although they aren’t as concentrated in glucose as I would like, they are easy to carry and consume. I had a difficult time with the half marathon but that’s because I was running 7:xx miles. I’ll probably have to bring quite a few bags…
  • Chapstick. Cannot.Live.Without. If I forget chapstick…oh man.
  • My number, duh. 2024! How great of a number?! Growing up my lucky numbers (in my personal opinion were 2 and 4).
  • Debit card and ID. You never know what you may need. And there is beer at the end of the race. Sign.Me.Up.
  • The twin. She’s my coach, my cheerleader, and my inspiration. She’s also going to be the one to carry me across the finish line. Just kidding, I’m being positive Jules I swear.
  • My confidence. I trained for a solid 10 weeks without fail. The most miles I missed each week of my plan was 3. Then I got hurt and while I did take a lot of time to rest (which was much appreciated because of interviews and graduating), I did my best to find alternative ways to exercise. Sometimes I would bike at the gym for two hours. Sometimes I would use the elliptical (not for two hours…that would be torture). It’s not the same as running but those solid ten weeks have prepared me. And I made it to 19 miles. I didn’t hit 20, but Sunday I am going to hit 26.2. I’ll be crossing that finish line, you can count on it.

“She believed she could, so she did.” – another motivational quote that Julie gave me in the form of jewelry. Not sure who said it, but it rings so true.

Thoughts on my Marathon

I’m switching it up a bit here today because I haven’t been taking pictures of my food. I basically am eating anything I have on hand these days since I’m moving…aka lots of oatmeal and peanut butter…

My marathon is in FIVE days. What?!? Cue freak out. So I thought it’d be fun to go through my thoughts around this.

1. I’m excited. I get to force my sister to talk to me for about FOUR hours. I’m going to people watch and take in all of the Burlington scenery: since I won’t be wearing headphones I may even take pictures!

2. I’m nervous. Not going to lie. My legs make me nervous. Training was going SO well and I was enjoying my runs, both long and intense. But now when I get out there (which isn’t often) I feel stiff and tired. Not to mention the fear of the pain coming back. I hate not finishing what I start. But this is it, will I be able to push through the pain? This past weekend I ran 8.8 miles and my right knee was fine but my right hip sore and my left knee started to hurt! Whattttt. I’ve been doing my stretches on both legs. This week I’m going to foam roll and stretch…I can’t use the gym because I’ve graduated so that’s fun…

3. My injury came at the perfect time. The day I got hurt I was driving to Boston for a semi-interview. I was down and back in two days. The next week I went to Portland and back in two days. Then school got very busy with finals and projects. Then I was in Boston for another interview. Then Portsmouth to dog sit. Then Boston again. And graduation. Job + graduation + school + life = exhausting. I needed all the time I could get. I can’t imagine my stress level if I had to plan runs around all of that. 

4. I’m excited to do other forms of exercise again. I didn’t realize until I got hurt that I missed cross training and yoga and moving my body in less intense and vigorous ways. I also don’t like feeling like I have to do a workout, and prefer to workout when I want to and how I want to. Since being injured it’s been hard not running and feeling like I should be running. Or that I should be doing something instead of _______. 

5. Im sad. This race seems like my goodbye to Burlington. Another reason why I really want to cross that finish line (jogging). I move three days after the race. Every day up until my move I have plans with friends and will spend the rest of the time packing. I love Vermont and I’m so sad to leave the places and the people whom I love. But I’m also excited for the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be, and know that I will be back!!

Officially a Master

Checking master’s degree off of my list of things to accomplish. Next up, the RD exam. If you know me, you know I am slightly excited for a multiple choice test…always a student.

As you have been reading, my graduation weekend was amazingThursday and Friday were perfect in my opinion. I have some truly great memories to take with me. 

Saturday I woke up in pure excitement. I finally had a decent night of sleep too! I got ready on the early side because that’s who I am and I didn’t really know what else to do…I was graduating. This was it. 

My parents came over at about 10am. By this time I realized Julie wouldn’t be coming since she was texting me and consequently not driving. I told myself I understood and it would still be a great day, but part of me felt really sad and empty. My parents and I started the trek up to campus to take some pictures before meeting my cohort. So the excitement took over!

It was slightly chilly but overall a gorgeous day. To top it off everyone was so giddy with excitement. My parents finally met my director and Amy could see where I came from. We had a great time mingling and taking pictures. Families talked and acted like they already knew one another. Probably because stories of our cohort were all they heard for two years. 

Line up for the ceremony was so long. We took a few pictures and talked while we waited. I tried face timing Julie because I wanted her to meet Amy. She texted me that she was at Trader Joe’s and of course I thought she was lying and driving to the ceremony. 

Then it was time. We processed (is that a verb) into the gym and luckily I spotted my parents. Ironically Bethany ended up sitting next to them! My cohort got to sit together because they present master degrees by class. I was so thankful for this because after a few great (and short) speeches the hooding took a long time. Molly, Rebecca and I played a game at one point. Also, around 1:30pm we all were falling asleep and feeling very weak. Talk about low blood sugar. Anna grabbed two granola bars from her husband and shared them. God bless her. I think I may have fainted if I didn’t eat that. It had chocolate too so some quick release carbohydrates cured me. 

The end of the ceremony came quickly. We stood up, got hooded, shook some hands, and received our diplomas. I only stumbled a bit walking off the stage because my legs were shaking. Must eat food…

After the ceremony I found my parents and Bethany. We took a few pictures and Bethany told me that all PhDs are doctors of philosophy…mind blown. Yes I do still have things to learn. 

I had hoped to see Julie surprise me in the crowd but she wasn’t there. I know that it would have been a lot of trveling for her, but I don’t think anything in my life tops this day. I got a little emotional at this point and I thought eating all the cheese and crackers at the reception would help but it didn’t. I ended up crying a little while I was packing that afternoon. Luckily my mom gives great hugs and I was really looking forward to dinner. 

I packed for my interview in Boston while my dad napped on the futon…typical. we drove to their cabin in Stowe and drank a few glasses of wine. Mom indulged me and listened to me babble on and on about nutrition stuff. Thank you Mom! 

Dinner time!!! The restaurant was right across the street which was so perfect. We met Jeanne and Jon there and I think the waitress was annoyed at first because every time she came over we still weren’t ready because we were talking so much. We got a bottle of wine and I shared some cards of thanks with the table. Their support has meant the world to me. 

For food I shared the root vegetable fries with my mom. Basically fried root vegetables with a delicious creme fraiche type dip. There was also a hearty whole grain bread for the table. I could not decide on an entree for the life of me. There was trout with ramps, mushrooms gnocchi, Maple pork chops…but then the waitress told me about the special. Venison in a maple sauce with house made pasta and cider braised cabbage. Sold. And oh my god was it a good decision. A few glasses of wine later and we ordered some dessert. I convinced my parents to share the maple creme brulee and the carrot cake ice cream. My dad obliged and admitted to the waitress that she could probably tell who the graduate is. He spoiled me that night. The creme brulee was my favorite. Then the waitress brought out a sorbet with a chocolate “congratulations”. Holy calories! I was stuffed but so happy. The food was unbelievable and the company was perfect. I would only add Julie and the Barnes boys! This was a night for celebrating and eating for pure enjoyment. That’s a part of normal eating! It also could have been influenced by the wine too. Delcious French red wine.

I crashed immediately when I got back to the cabin. The next morning my mom asked if I was sad that it was over. Not at all. Sure there was a lull Sunday morning, but it had been the most special three days and I felt overwhelmed with love and gratitude. I still feel so lucky. And I’m writing this after driving home with my mom and talking, spending the night at home, and running in the sunshine with my dad.

Life is great. I’m truly excited for what comes next and eternally grateful to UVM, a director who changed my life, my supportive family, and a cohort who will forever be a part of my family.

 Graduation Weekend Part 1

So as you saw in yesterday’s post my parents actually arrived in Vermont on Thursday night. I had been expecting them on Friday all along. So this meant that Friday we could spend the day together. Therefore, instead of waking up and heading to the gym to bike for two hours I could be active with my parents.

I ended up waking up around 6:30am because I just have not been able to sleep lately. Then I watched my tv shows while doing laundry. It was raining out and I was a bit tired so it worked out well. My parents came over around 11am and we packed up some of my stuff into their car so that we don’t have to do it on Sunday. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a few years…the number of wine glasses that I have is unreal.

Around 12:30pm we went to one of my favorite bakeries, Great Harvest. I got the curried chicken salad salad (basically a scoop of curried chicken salad over greens) knowing that I wanted a slice of bread. I got a HUGE slice of maple pecan swirl. It was so large I split it with my dad. Obviously lathered that baby up with some butter. My mom got the maple cinnamon chip bread. Anything with a swirl I’ve got to have.

After lunch I brought mom and dad into Dedalus, which is right next door. We just looked around. I love the space and knew my family would too! Look at the description of this cheese haha!

“This pudgy little stinker…” could easily describe Lyla now that I know I fed her nearly DOUBLE what she normally eats. If only I had specialized in dog nutrition…

The best part of the afternoon was biking. We rented some bikes and I took them all the way to the causeway. Mom and I had matching teal bikes! Dad rocked an orange one. We had a blast. We went at a leisurely pace but it sure got tiring after biking for a few hours. We even passed Molly’s mom and boyfriend on the bike path. Us dietetics majors stay active! We covered about 16 miles on our bikes and by the end our butts were so sore! It was great though. Much more enjoyable than a stationary bike. It was perfect weather too! I didn’t even break a sweat with the breeze.

Dad took a power nap while mom and I swung by Old Navy to return a dress. I picked up some heels for today and I am so pumped about them. They look like a pair that I wanted that was $100 but these were only $35! woohoo!

We had a cocktail at home (Switchback for dad and wine for mom and me) before walking to the Truck Stop. The sun had come out and it was a gorgeous night to walk. Also, the truck stop wasn’t that crowded, another win for us! We settled on Bluebird BBQ and all got pulled pork sandwiches on amazing buns. We also shared a thing of mac and cheese because I thought it looked amazing. I treated to some beers and love the new outside beer garden!

What a day! I’ve had the most amazing few days and today I graduate! Picture Monica on friends running through the house yelling “I’m getting married today” but then picture me yelling “I’m graduating today”. That’s how I have pictured this day.

What a Day

Yesterday. It all feels so surreal. It started out with errands and the stress of taxes/returns/shopping. But then it all changed. 

At 3:30pm Jeanne picked me up to go on a walking tour of UVM. It was hot out but actually not too unbearable. We made sure to lather up in sunscreen. I wore a new dress that I actually bought that day at Old Navy and LOVE. It’s so soft and flowy and perfect for days when you just feel a little bit like a stranger in your own skin. That’s what happens when my days are filled with celebrations, no running, and I have been traveling and not sleeping well. 

Anyways, the walking tour. It was great to take a trip down memory lane and to also see the new buildings that are going up. Walking along central campus brought back many memories of my freshman year going to calculus and economics with Julie. 

What I loved was being active on a hot day (walking is so underrated), seeing the nooks and crannies of a school I love, and talking to Jeanne. We caught up on interviews, school, life, etc. But we also got talking about some deeper things like body image and advanced directives. I love it. Never a dull moment with us. We just keep talking. 

At about 5:30 Jeanne asked if I wanted to get some food before our wine plans. Um yes I do. I wanted Pingala and Jeanne was happy to oblige. You can order online and it’s amazing! We got there and it was sunny but raining and we sat facing the river. So perfect!! We split the ELT (eggplant instead of bacon) and the falafel to which we added peanut sauce. My friend made a cilantro peanut sauce the other day and I cannot get enough. Must recreate it! 

Then we jetted off to a new wine bar which I am obsessed with. They do FREE tastings every Thursday at Dedalus. It’s all brick and wide open and just absolutely gorgeous. We did the pet-nat tasting which is a lighter bubbly. So interesting and delicious! Jeanne and I ask so many questions. It was so educational! 

Afterwards we sat in the gorgeous dining room for a glass of vino. Jeanne had more bubbly and I went with a red. The chianti was superb! 

We had to drink our wine a bit fast because we were meeting Jordan for a drink at Zero Gravity. This would be the last time I see him before I move and I couldn’t miss that opportunity. It certainly won’t be the last time I see him. I walk into ZG and I’m looking around and Jeanne yells over to me that he likes to sit on the other side. So we walk over and…


And of course I cried. Probably ugly cried but I couldn’t control it. I saw everyone who was there and lost it. For one, I’ve never had a surprise party before and two, everyone was there. 

Family friends, work friends, school friends, friends who I met through other friends. Friends. 

And right when I stopped crying my parents showed up. And so I cried again. Friends and family. 

We hung out and chatted. My different groups of friends mingled as one and I loved seeing that. My parents got to meet everyone who means so much to me. It was unbelievable. 

Even to this moment it doesn’t feel real. I see the balloons in my living room and then I know it did happen. I’m so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude to everyone who has made Burlington my home. I made dinner plans for every night this coming week too. There’s not enough time before I leave. But when you’re leaving home there never will be enough time. I’ll just have to come back. 

Megan & Lyla’s Day of Fun

I decided to write about Lyla and my Saturday adventures. I plan to do some exploring in Portsmouth today in combination with some eating, some brewery touring, and some cleaning.


Lyla woke me up a little before 6am because she had to go out. She definitely ate some sticks yesterday and it didn’t bode well for her…I’ve been feeding her at 6am after she goes out because I need coffee and some food before I am awake enough for a walk. I know Julie is the opposite. She walks and then eats, but that girl can also run 20 miles before the sun is up and before eating. Remember my favorite saying: what works for one person may not work for another. Everyone is different, my friends, even the twin and I.

For breakfast I had overnight oatmeal. I have been loving this combo lately (1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 container of yogurt, 1 tbsp peanut butter and fruit). I make two servings at once to use up one 6oz container of yogurt. This morning the yogurt I used was Trader Joe’s whole milk caramel macchiato flavor. It’s so good! For a while I was hesitant to eat whole milk yogurt or even 4% or 2% because my cholesterol was high at my last check, but I’ve learned a lot about saturated fat. Trans fat is the real enemy and saturated fat, especially dairy fat has so many other beneficial vitamins and minerals. I’d also rather have whole fat products in my diet than refined grains and sugars which tend to replace fat in the diet (hello 1990s).

I then cleaned up the kitchen and took Lyla for a walk. It was a gorgeous morning and I took her on a 2 mile loop. She did such a good job! I love walking her. This time I paid super close attention to anything that she tried to eat. I haven’t been the best at this. We came back home and I watered the growing grass and cleaned up the back yard. It would be a perfect day for gardening if Julie had a garden. Oh how I hope my next apartment has a yard…

I went to the farmers’ market by myself because dogs aren’t allowed. It was a nice morning for it. I ended up getting some small chunky looking carrots that the farmer told me are a French variety of carrot that is sweeter. Being the carrot connoisseur that I am, I had to try them. I eyed some delicious looking cheeses as well, but ultimately decided to get some falafel balls. I am a sucker for falafel. Then I went back home to pick up the pup.

I packed us each lunch and got us in the car. We drove about 15 minutes to some walking trails. Unfortunately a lot of people were out and Lyla was wild at first (aka barking a lot and pulling me). Then she was much better though and only was bad when some little kids were yelling and running around. She wanted to join them. We walked to the water first and then did the inside trail which was grassy and oh so muddy. My shoes were soaked through. I stopped to snap a picture of Lyla at one point and noticed a tick on her neck. I tried three times to pull it off, but Lyla thought I was playing and kept jumping on me. Remember I said it was muddy? Yup, covered in mud and freaking out. I finally got the tick off or so I believe because I haven’t been able to find it again.

We got back to the car and had an early lunch because I was starving and like with babies I eat when the dog eats. I had three of my falafel balls and some carrots from the market. They were really good!

Part of this adventure involved driving to Newmarket to try an ice cream place that Julie told me about. We had gone to Wagon Hill Farm to walk since it was on the way to Newmarket and I wasn’t about to drive all the way there just for ice cream. I got to Newmarket about 15 minutes before they opened so I drove around a little bit and realized I wish I had come without Lyla so I could explore more. But this was our day of fun. Although I did leave her in the car while I went to go get ice cream…shame me all you want.

Julie told me about Bloomin’ Cow because it was written up about its gelato. However, I have to say I liked the ice cream better than the gelato although both were delicious. The last gelato I had was at Eataly in Boston so my standards are pretty high. I got two scoops because I knew I wanted to try two flavors. I got the peanut butter oreo ice cream (how could I not…it’s my favorite combination ever) and the chocolate orange oops gelato. At first I was like wow this tastes exactly like a chocolate orange, why is this an oops. I still don’t get it, but maybe it’s because they cracked the chocolate orange into chocolate gelato…it’s so good either way. I just liked how the ice cream melted in my mouth more. I want to go back and try blueberry muffin ice cream (they didn’t have it today) and the blueberry basil (lemon?) gelato. Today I was feeling the chocolate.

I did not eat my scoops mindfully because Lyla was getting restless and I had to start driving. I didn’t realize until halfway home that this was because I didn’t walk her after lunch and she had to pee. I ended up pulling off at Wagon Hill Farm again just so that she could pee…terrible dog aunt.

I’m now doing laundry and researching natural tick repellent because I found one on my leg in the shower (after checking my legs…so what the heck?!) and one on Lyla. I may walk to an herbal store down the street.

I am taking today off of going to the gym because I walked Lyla quite a bit this morning and because I know I will want to go tomorrow when it’s raining. The rest of today may be spent window-shopping the Loft Outlet in Kittery of going to a brewery in Portsmouth. I’m not sure though…I can’t believe it’s only 2pm…

Stay tuned…

Dog Sitting Diaries: Part 1

I figured I would write about my adventures with these dogs. Here’s a day in the life these days…


5:30am: I hear Lyla getting restless. I ignore her and hope she goes back to sleep.

6am: She’s hasn’t gone back to sleep so I get up to let the dogs out. I turn the Keurig on right away. It’s still not soon enough. I get the dogs their breakfast and while they eat (and I keep an eye on Lyla) I make my own breakfast. Unfortunately my oatmeal exploded in the fridge…

6:30am: Sit outside to eat breakfast and drink my coffee. Ruger, being the loving dog that he is, will not leave my side. Eventually he decides to sit on my lap while watching some birds. Lyla is happy to chew a stick…typical.

7am: Attempt to walk them. It goes worse than yesterday…my butt and shins are SO sore from the walk yesterday. Ruger is not meant to be on a leash. He pulls will all his might, not realizing that my poor body is attached to the other end of the leash. I stupidly say “heal” every two seconds, but clearly he does not know that command. I grimace with each pull as my body attempts to resist but cannot.

7:30am: Put the dogs in their respected places and give them kongs so that I can go run on the antigravity treadmill. Honestly was dreading it due to the pain in my shins. I ended up not going and calling to cancel my appointments last minute and joining Julie’s gym instead. This way I spend $50 for a week membership instead of $60 for two runs. That means I can have some “me” time every single day. Sold.

8:30am: Workout on something that resembles an elliptical and an arc machine for 45 minutes. I couldn’t leave the dogs much longer. Ditch my errands because I have been gone long enough and go to pick up the dogs.

9:30am: I walk into the bedroom and Lyla’s tail bangs against the crate ferociously and Ruger attacks. The bed has clearly been slept on and my clothes are all over the floor…hmmm. I try to get their collars on but both are then jumping on and off the bed to get as close to me as possible. Lyla then realizes that Ruger didn’t eat his kong of treats and proceeds to shovel that down.

When we go to leave Lyla gets her leash caught in the door by the stairs and then both dogs wrap around me as I open the fence. It takes me a good five minutes and lots of yelling to get them into the car. THEN as we are driving I have a freak out because I check on the dogs and I see Ruger’s butt in the air. He attempted some sort of somersault and I was fearful he had hurt himself. Then I see that Lyla has a snarl on her face and realize they are playing so I just yell to stop…at least with kids they are buckled in!

10:10am: We get to Greg’s house and I let the dogs out. They sprint away from me and run like mad. We walk the trails for about 40 minutes before I decide to turn back. We play frisbee until Ruger catches on in the air and that is the signal to go home. Lyla is still kind of wet from swimming but I figure she will dry off in the car. I do a quick tick check in the car. Yes, I carry the tweezers in my pocket.

11:30am: We get home and I feed the dogs. I eat some strawberries to curb my hunger and make sure Lyla doesn’t eat Ruger’s food. I then go to find some clothes to wear and realize that all my clothes are dirty. Then I see a tick crawling on a sports bra in my bag and proceed to freak out. I rationalize that it’s likely only one and probably because Ruger has been sprawled on top of my clothes…but then I think of the possible ticks in the bed…I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

I do another dog tick check and find one on Ruger’s neck. I bring him into the bathroom and attempt to remove it but Lyla won’t get out of the way. She is jealous of the attention he is getting. Well right now I have removed 4 ticks from Ruger and none from Lyla…come on man.

I take a shower after a thorough tick check for myself…I have been taking long showers because it’s more time I have to myself. Then I check my clothes for ticks. My clean clothes. I turn them inside out and back before putting them on. Ruger has me paranoid.

12:15pm: I make leftover fish tacos. Seriously this is the best recipe ever! I ate in the kitchen while reading some blogs because the dogs are sleeping and I don’t want to wake them up…this is like having a baby. I didn’t realize it, but each fish filet is quite caloric! It must be the panko, but oh my gosh they are delicious and so worth it. Very filling. I need to pay attention to my hunger and fullness cues a bit more.

12:30pm: Another tick check. My dad tells me I need to check all over the dogs…um there’s fur. Lots of it. I’m doing the best I can.

1:30pm: Make tea while blogging and working on an assignment. Julie has a bunch of tea that she said I could enjoy. I plan to replenish some. Just like I replenished the peanut butter filled pretzels that I finished. I hate finishing something and not replenishing it. Maybe why empty toilet paper rolls are a pet peeve…

2:00pm: Bored eat a snack of pretzel slims and crunchy peanut butter. I thought I didn’t like crunchy peanut butter because it doesn’t spread, but let me tell ya…I was wrong. Bummed I didn’t really wait until I was hungry, but I have been looking forward to this combo since I bought the pretzel slims yesterday.

2:30pm: The dogs are fighting on the couch so after yelling at them a few times I walk them outside to fight there. I was going to read, but it’s chilly out so I go back in. The dogs follow me, of course, but sleep! It’s a miracle.

3pm: Online shop. There are some heels that I really want. I am also into finding new work clothes

4pm: Sit outside and reach while the dogs play with each other. It’s sunny but cold. Soon Lyla is jumping on me and I’m covered in dirt.

5pm: Feed the dogs. Make a quick and early dinner for myself since I’m getting drinks at 6. Rice, leftover roasted veggies, chickpeas and goddess dressing because it makes everything better. 

6pm: I met up with Dan (Julie’s friend from work) and a few of his friends for the opening of the decks. Let me tell you, I cannot believe julie hasn’t taken me there before. People kept asking where Julie was…um yeah Iceland.

8pm: I got home to my pups who did not stop jumping on my nice coats. I had some pretzels and a little peanut butter (it goes with everything) while watching Chicago Fire. Typical night for me. Ruger is on my lap and Lyla is playing with a bone after eating Ruger’a kong. 

It felt so great to be talking to other humans tonight. And to be experiencing Portsmouth. I’m so happy about it!!