Two years and lots of hard work paid off…

It’s been one month since this happened: 

And 23 days ago I ran a marathon.

Then I moved back home and spent about a week in Maine, some of those days with two of my dearest friends.

Since being home I’ve realized just how much I miss my home. Vermont. I miss my favorite places, walking downtown, running along the bike path, good beer, and all my favorite restaurants. It’s hard being in a place that I am so familiar with but feel so distant to. Therefore I am so looking forward to moving to Boston. I can’t wait to find new favorite places, try all of the amazing food, run along the water, join some workout groups to meet people, and be close enough to visit my parents and Julie! It’s exciting!!

Yes, it may be a long summer, but it’s full of new beginnings. A new job. A future new home. New friends. And new credentials…

MS, RDN has a nice ring to it. 

Now to complete the process by becoming licensed in Massachusetts.

A Weekend to Remember

A perfect weekend if you ask me, even though we had to study.

Thursday I drove up to camp and met my dad for the night. We ordered two (very) large pizzas so my friends and I could have leftovers. 


I studied in the morning and turned the heat on because it was freezing. My studying was very poor because I was so excited for my friends to get here.

Christine and Rebecca arrived a little after one and we chatted for a while to catch up before *trying* to study. Once it hit 5pm it was time for happy hour. Red wine for the win. 

That night we made the best dinner. We didn’t have a blender but our cilantro peanut sauce still tasted great and it was served with deconstructed spring rolls. We watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black before calling it a night. 


The most perfect weather! We started studying on the porch after making French toast for breakfast. It was super tasty. When the sun hit the deck we moved outside to study and it felt so good!

In total we studied 8:30-4:30 before going for a walk around the neighborhood. Then we showered to get ready to go to town. I wanted to take Christine and Rebecca to the Inn because it’s my favorite place. I also think the new ownership has done great things! We also love happy hour and apps. It was National Rose Day so we celebrated. For food we got the lobster dip…oh my gosh so good…

After picking up some wine, toilet paper, and water (the necessities in life) at he town store we headed home to cook some vegetables and drink sangria. Boy was that strong. 

We played with Bitmoji a bit and watched Parks and Rec. Another great day in the books.


We said we would get up and hike…but moving early in the morning is not our thing. We opted for this instead:

Then we started studying again. Practice tests for me all day since I was burnt out from the day before. It was also over 90 degrees…so hot. Christine and I kayaked around 11:30 and it was so nice. Then we dipped into the lake for a hot second to cool off. It was refreshing but freezing. I love a good challenge, thanks Dad! 

For lunch we had classic summer food of sandwiches (turkey, cheese and avocado for me) and chips. And then more studying happened. 

Around 4:30 we drove to town to get ice cream where I had my first job, but it was closed. I was so disappointed. We opted for two cartons of Giffords instead and had dessert before dinner. Winning. The s’more flavor is amazing. 

Dinner that night was similar to the deconstructed spring rolls but with a more salad like feel. Still amazing and served with some red wine. We plopped ourselves on the couch to paint our nails and watch more Parks and Rec while trying to cool down. It was hard. 

Today some of us are leaving. I had planned to but may not since I’m not feeling well. Also I don’t have anything pulling me back to Massachusetts. Maine, it’s the way life should be, after all.

Recent Good Eats

You guys. I just got to Maine and I feel oh so relaxed. Despite the crazy day I had. It all started at 7am when I realized my Microsoft Word account had been deactivated after graduation… cue tears. 7am was not my finest hour. Then I rushed through some studying…and worrying about how I will possibly remember everything for the RD exam. Before I knew it I was showered, packed, fueled and ready to hit the road.

When I got to Maine my dad had a package of turkey sausage, a few grapes, feta cheese, and orange juice in the fridge. He had one banana, a box of rice and some pretzels on the cupboard… Since I’m saving the salad stuff and cocktail supplies for the girls this weekend I suggested we get pizza. We live in a very small town with an Inn and a general store but the store knows pizza and ice cream. They do it well. Dad suggested we get two pizzas and the girls and I can enjoy leftovers this weekend. Well boy do we have leftovers. These babies were huge! I got the mushroom because I love mushrooms. Dad went with sausage. 

Some other good eats:

A salad I made for lunch before traveling complete with leftovers: greens + grilled carrots + grilled peppers + grilled chicken + black beans + rice + salsa and guacamole as dressing. I think I hit all the major food groups! This was so good!

The tacos we had the night before has grilled chicken, mango, peppers, mango salsa and guacamole!

Here’s another salad that was simpler with rice and legumes and hummus as dressing. 

While studying I’ve been finding myself snacking more han usual and just plain hungrier. It could be stress or boredom or my body just knows it needs a little extra fuel! I’m listening to my body and giving it what it wants. Food! I’ve been craving salads more lately because the vegetables are starting to be in season!! Oh how I miss my CSA!

Blown Away in Boston

Today my mom and I explored some new-to-us areas of Boston. We woke up at the crack of dawn and caught the 6:29 commuter rail. It was dark and gloomy out (any raining) so getting up was especially hard. After a hop skip and jump onto the red line and then the orange line we finally found a shuttle to the Navy Yard. Phew. Only took us about an hour and a half. Not too shabby. I find that I enjoy train rides, but not so much buses.

The Navy Yard proved to be gorgeous! We didn’t do too much exploring because of the weather, but we did walk along the Charlestown Harborwalk. The buildings around there are so beautiful. I have no idea what they are used for, but I didn’t mind looking at them! The wind was fierce though.

I had in mind that I wanted to get lunch at Pier 6, which is literally at the end of the pier and the website showed beautiful views of Boston and the Zakim bridge. Unfortunately, the view was hindered by the fog, rain, etc. So onwards, my mom and I walked. We made sure to make the most of it by stopping to take in anything that we thought was interesting or pretty and of course talking while walking.

Or next lunch spot of interest was called the Brewer’s Fork. It smelled delicious as we rounded the corner, but it wasn’t set to open for another half hour and there was nothing else around. Therefore, I used my phone to guide us on a mile walk to the North End. We would have hopped on the subway, but the Navy Yard isn’t connected via the subway. Despite the rain it was a fun walk because we ended up on part of the Freedom Trail! If it had been nice out I really wanted to walk the Freedom Trail. That will just have to go on my bucket list

(side note: I am making a bucket list for Boston and it is going to be the longest bucket list ever). 

We crossed over a bridge and into the North End. Now let me tell you about the bridge. It’s old. And cars drive over it. Leading up to the bridge I was all giddy about being on the Freedom Trail. Then I stepped on the bridge and looked at my feet. Terrible idea. The bridge was open, as in I could see the ocean below the “mesh” wiring or whatever it was that held this bridge up. I yelled “don’t look down” to mom and mentioned to her that it was too late for me. My legs felt weak and I felt a little nauseous since we had quite a walk to get to the other side. Of course my mom thought it was fascinating and walked towards the cars to see if it was “open” under the cars too. Sure enough it was. I was so happy to get to the other side.

Getting through the North End was the hardest part because my phone was almost dead and kept losing signal for my directions. I came to the conclusion that I need a physical map when I move here so I can step into it like Joey on Friends when he is in London. Yes, I am serious.

Finally, we got to the destination of interest. I had led my mom to Panza. It’s a small Italian restaurant on Hanover Street which I went to a few years back. I have such fond memories of this restaurant because of the quaintness, the company, and the food. I was so happy to be back.

Mom and I started with some Italian wine, chianti for her and sangiovese for me. We also devoured this bread basket. That will happen when you eat breakfast before 6am. Quick carbs for the win!

We split an appetizer of mushroom and goat cheese spring rolls with a honey thyme sauce. Goodness. These. Were. So. Good. Perfectly crunchy and so flavorful! I love mushrooms and goat cheese. The honey was a bit strong for me.

For my entree I ordered the chicken “panza”. It had sundried tomatoes (a whole boatload of them), mushrooms (I wonder what my vitamin D level is…), spinach and pine nuts on top of chicken in a balamic marsala sauce. It was very delicious, but I found the flavor of the sundried tomatoes to be a bit overpowering (in a sweet way). By no means does this mean it was not extremely delicious, but I think my taste buds wanted something a bit more savory. The dish came with a side of penne pasta and marinara sauce and I dipped some bread in the sauce and immediately wished I had gotten something with that sauce on it. Boy was it fresh and delicious. My mom went with the chicken piccata. Also a great choice. What I loved was that the dish was all protein and vegetables with the pasta on the side. With a dish like that the pasta can get lost. I went with the bread for my carbs instead of the pasta simply because the bread was so dough-y and amazing, just like I had remembered.

We chatted for a while before heading to a pastry shop. I told mom I wanted to take her somewhere and she immediately guessed pastries. She was looking at a map to find a T station and asked if we were going to Marco’s Pastry and I told her that’s for amateurs. Mike’s Pastry was literally a block away. And NOT CROWDED! We couldn’t decide and ultimately went with three cannolis…for two people. When in Rome people. Yes, I eat dessert and sometimes I buy a dozen donuts or 3 cannolis. I’m normal. And I enjoy food.

We took our box to go and headed towards Boston Public Market where I was in heaven. Neither of us had been there before and it’s right by Haymarket and Fanueil hall. I write those names like I am familiar with them, but alas they are going to go on my bucket list once I research them some more. I found my favorite street by the market which is actually the street that the Union Oyster House is on. It’s so cute and curvy.

Anyways, I love that the market is indoors and that it houses local products only. We saw donuts (yup!), cheese (LOTS of Jasper Hill! Love <3), homemade pasta, fresh cuts of meat, seafood (SO happy to be by the ocean!), bagels being made right before my eyes, chocolate, etc. etc. Our favorite stop was called American Stonecraft. They gather stones from local farms in New England and polish them up for sale. The name of the farm is on the back and some are used for cooking and others are used for serving food or as coasters. Mom and I went on a mission to find stones from Vermont. We found some from Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro! So exciting. Another thing I love about Boston Public Market is the community kitchen and the wellness activities held for the community. Going on the bucket list!

Around 2pm we walked the wrong way to find the T station, but quickly laughed about it once we saw the big round T sign where we ultimately just came from. It took maybe 5-7 minutes and one subway switch to get back to South Station where we had some time to kill before catching the commuter rail. Therefore, we dug into our cannolis! I had the Florentine and I am never going back. It’s a plain ricotta with chocolate chips but the shell is made with almonds and honey (I think). It’s a bit crunchier of a shell and that is what I like. I ate half and took a bite of mom’s amaretto but was soon stuffed. So I then finished making my flashcards for the day. Gotta keep studying for the RD exam. Vitamins and minerals are kicking my butt…

Like a true commuter I fell asleep on the train back to Halifax. I so enjoy the commuter rail and look forward to when I get to take it. Overall today was a fantastic day and I am so glad my mom came to share in my excitement for all things food and local! Boston is going to be such an exciting place to live. I only hope I can budget my restaurant outings and trips to places like Boston Public Market!



First Run Since 26.2

A week ago I ran my first marathon. I hate (not really) to say that it may also be my last, but the pain I still feel is not worth it in my opinion. I couldn’t walk for three days. My movements resembled those of a duck. Days 4-6 were okay as long as I wasn’t doing anything strenuous but I was. I had to move…talk about squatting and lifting with the legs. 

Around day 6 I felt the itch to move so I joined the gym near my home planning to take some classes over the summer. Today I got to the gym early before a yoga class and decided to try running two miles. That’s it. Two miles. Well I should have gone with one mile. The first mile my right quad was sore from a moving injury, which happened as I was squatting to carry my mattress down a flight of stairs. The second mile ended up being excruciating. It was mainly pain in the outside of my knee, the same spot and type of pain that signified the beginning of my right IT band troubles. This was what really bothered me in the marathon as well (that and my left hip and major blisters…okay so everything hurt).

I stopped running just shy of two miles and couldn’t bend my knee. I limped to the foam roller and rolled away. Even though it was a softer roller it still hurt a lot. Then I went to my yoga class, which felt amazing but didn’t cure me. 

Fast forward about 7 hours and my hips have begun to hurt. It feels like it did in the race, like my muscles are pulling away from my hip bones. Could be that I sat for the past four hours studying for my exam. Could be the run. Could be anything. I certainly am no expert.

Therefore, my goal for the month of June is easy movement. I want to go to yoga twice a week with the same teacher as today (yes, she was that good) and some Barre classes. I may even get back into lifting weights, going easy on the legs until it feels like a good burn. I know I’ll enjoy running again in the future, but maybe my body isn’t set up for the marathon. But we shall see! Never say never. I do have to get back to running for Beach to Beacon!! I’m running with Colleen and cannot wait. I love running with people.

In the mean time I’m also making it a goal to drink 1500 ml of water each day (2 water bottles essentially) and to keep focusing on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Providing my body with the nutrients that it needs to heal and stay strong should definitely help and it’s something that I feel I can control. It’s also been fun to be back in the kitchen with my mom. I have to enjoy that while it lasts.

Post Marathon

Sorry I’ve been MIA! It’s been a whirlwind few days. After the marathon I watched a lot of Netflix. I got Julie hooked on Reign (CW shows get me…I miss One Tree Hill). Consequently I got re hooked and am watching from season one again. But that’s the beauty of running a marathon, you don’t want to do anything for a while. 

After lots of movies and Netflix and after Julie went home, I finally ventured out of the house. My friends, Steven and Alex had Colleen and I over for dinner at their new condo. I am obsessed with their condo. I asked Steven if he could decorate my apartments/houses in the future. I mean look at this gorgeous light fixture.

We chatted and sipped some wine while nibbling on some bread and oil. Such hosts these two are!

We had so much to catch up on and I’m so glad I had the chance before leaving! Hoping I convinced them to come visit this summer since they’ve all never been to Plymouth. 

Dinner was fantastic. A pesto stuffed crusted chicken that definitely replenished my protein stores post marathon, pasta salad, and Olive Garden salad (I love that salad). It was so tasty. 

Even the cat thought so! This is Gronk (love the name).

After dinner Alex read my tarot cards and basically I learned that I’m strong willed and going on a journey. For my career I should try something a little different and not let my past get in the way of my confidence. Aka go confidently, Megan. The cards also told me that my love life is nonexistent…as if I didn’t know that haha. So fun! Alex did a great job.

The next day I spent running some errands. Since it was my last day I was very emotional and found myself crying on the way to the dump. Don’t judge me. In the afternoon Christine picked me up to go get a creamee with Colleen. My first and last creamee of the summer…I’ll try not to call soft serve a creamee in Massachusetts. No guarantees.

Christine and I then just hung out and talked for a few hours. It rained on our plans to walk to the whales tails but that’s okay. 

At 4pm we went to Rebecca’s to walk down her street to a tavern for wine. It was a painful walk 😂 

We chatted over a bottle of red and laughed and reminisced. It was so bittersweet. I was holding the tears back. I basically sobbed saying goodbye even though I will see them both next weekend when they come up to Maine. 

Wednesday was moving day. What was supposed to go smoothly ended up with my dad’s car needing a new part for the trailer lights to work and then the battery dying. It’s comical now but I didn’t dare laugh then. We packed up relatively quickly and got in the car right as a huge thunderstorm rolled in. I cried on the whole way home but listened to some good podcasts. 

We got home close to 8pm and I realized all of my clothes were so far wedged in the trailer that I wouldn’t be changing. Luckily the twin keeps some clothes at home (I don’t…). 

Thursday I unpacked with my dad and organized. I’m sleeping in my sisters room because she has a big bed. I also put the tv in there for when I need some space or want to watch Reign. Yes yes that is all the time these days. 

My clothes are in my room because I donated all of my clothes and shoes so there was space. And I get to have dad’s desk in the basement for studying! I also dusted and cleaned the bathrooms because I was procrastinating beginning studying…

Mom and I went to yoga that night and then she helped me study a little. Still trying to find the best way to write these flash cards…

Mom bought THREE kinds of Ben and Jerry’s and it’s like she knew I needed some Vermont in my life. She happened to get my favorite kind, The Tonight Dough. The coconut caramel core is also super delicious. 

I feel much better now that I’m settled and not all packed up all the time. I also feel better now that I can study. BUT I have nowhere to walk to like I did in Burlington and I am lacking in the friend department here. It’s a bit lonely but hopefully I’m super busy that I don’t even notice. 

That’s it for now guys!! Any tips on hobbies are appreciated. I’m thinking of trying to do more yoga and barre this summer and see how I feel with that. My legs are still sore from the marathon. #neveragain

Vermont City Marathon

Today was the day I’d trained for and then worried about. About 5 weeks ago I hurt my IT band and took a lot of time off. I tried cross training but it wasn’t the same. 

Our alarms went off at 5:00am and we made toast and I taped up my outer knees with KT tape that I got at the expo yesterday for free! Woo. We also stretched and applied sunblock and body glide (at least I did). 

We parked in the parking garage on Church Street so that we wouldn’t have to walk alllllll the way back after the finish. We would soon be glad we did that. 

We walked to the start from there and I was brimming with excitement. I saw Chris and Christine at the start and hit up the port-o-lets a few times. Before I knew it they were calling us to the start line. 

I looked over and saw Max and his brother. I couldn’t miss them in the crowd. So glad Julie got to meet Max.

Julie and I had a pace plan that accounted for the hills in the race and my sub-4 goal and to have a negative split. 

Mile 1: This was a slow mile to account for the hill up Pearl Street and I think for the large crowd at the start. Correction: it was supposed to be a slow mile, but we ran a sub 9…whoops. 

Mile 2: we passed my house!! Then we worked our way back to downtown to run our first pass of Church Street. It was hopping and I loved it. 

Mile 3: I saw one of the dietitians who I worked with and interned with, which was exciting! I love seeing people while I run. This was also where we picked up the belt line. This is a short “highway” that connects two parts of Burlington. It’s an out and back on the course and there is no shade whatsoever. 

Mile 4: The belt line starts kicking my ass. Julie and I were on a high up until this point. The road is completely slanted and hurts all of your joints. My left IT band immediately hurt and Julie urged me to run on the side of the road as it was the flattest. I would have just kept complaining. 

Mile 5: We passed an epic samba band. It was amazing. At this point I saw Max ahead of me at the turn around and cheered. I turned to Julie and said “he’s catchable” and she responded with “not yet” as in hold back, Megan. 

Mile 6: I saw Rebecca and Molly on the other side a bit behind me. I loved seeing them. 

Mile 7: Left knee still hurts, now my hips hurt too. This makes me a little nervous but I keep telling myself that nobody said it would be easy and I knew it would hurt. 

Mile 8: Julie talks of how she listened to a runner admit that you have to respect the marathon. We finally finish the belt line and one guy asks if we are sisters and I yell “yeah!!” I also ate my first bag of fruit snacks because I realized I had been running for more than an hour. I like to stay ahead of the “wall.”

Mile 9: We pass the start again and ease back up to Church Street. People are out having brunch and cheering, um sign me up! 

Mile 10: We are on a long stretch of Pine Street and pass Colleen. She is the best cheerleader ever. A girl next to me said “if only we could bottle up her energy. Julie was amazed at Colleen’s capabilities. A bit further down we pass Maia and Joe!! Although Joe was lacking the air horn he said he would have, but I’ll forgive him. 

Mile 11: We start heading towards the dreaded neighborhood. This was the worst part of the Unplugged half marathon because it drags along and there is a nasty hill. 

Mile 12: The dreaded neighborhood. Julie must have been running too fast during Unplugged because she was in awe of the scenery. It was a perfect day and we kept commenting on that as we looked at the calm lake. 

Mile 13: We get up to Oakledge Park and Christine screams our names. I was not expecting to see her!! She did the relay and I was sure she would be in the coral. Our first half came to about 2:00:59. We pick up the bike path shortly after and finally get some shade! It didn’t last long enough. I took another bag of fruit snacks here. The 20 grams of carbohydrates per bag wasn’t cutting it for me.

Mile 14: We are back out into Pine Street. I learned of a new way to get from the bike path to the Main Street! We see Melissa on a corner cheering and it made my day! Earlier this morning she sent me the meme of Phoebe running and told me to have fun. It seriously made my day. I also saw Maia, Joe, and Colleen again. 

Mile 15: We start the terrible trek up Battery Street. Longest hill of my life. But there was an amazing drum band. Julie and I commented on how it was hard to slow down for that mile because of the energy. By the top of the hill I was dying though. 

Mile 16: Things start to go a bit downhill. Julie could tell and asked if I wanted to play a game. At Mile 18 we would take turns leading a mile. I was slowly fading though. The pain in my left knee/hip/glute was unbelievable. Still the right knee was fine. 

Mile 17: strugglingggggg. We turn into the first of two neighborhoods on the route and I’m instantly saved by a freeze pop that some girls were giving out. I knew I needed fuel but I did not want to chew anything. 

Mile 18: Maple syrup shots! Probably 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Julie goes, “WOW! That’s a lot of maple syrup!” I chugged it down because I needed all the help I could get at this point. I don’t think Julie and I ever started playing her game which is more of a strategy. 

Mile 19: We turn into Leddy Park and I hit the hardest wall. My legs were not moving properly and I couldn’t fathom going on. I could barely talk. I felt bad for Julie because in the beginning, the first half actually, I was very talkative and now not so much. Julie took one look at me and my pain and was like “Megan, your muscles are probably cramping up.” She rips open her Untapped maple syrup and gives it to me. It was so much easier to take than gummies because I didn’t have to chew anything. Unfortunately some went down the wrong pipe and I was coughing up a storm on top of dying of leg pain. Julie led me right along to the next water station. Passing the water station I paused for maybe half a second and told Julie to keep going. She turns around and goes “No, Megan. You can’t stop or you’ll cramp up and never start again.” Little did she know I had no plans to start again. But her tone of voice hit me emotionally and I remembered how badly I wanted to cross the finish line with her. 

Mile 20: How the hell am I at mile 20?! No idea. Julie told me that a guy once told her that the race starts at mile 20. She also told me that mile 17-20 suck for her too. It’s where the struggle occurs. Julie and I grabbed more freeze pops. These things saved us, literally. Well they saved me. 

Mile 21: The 4:00 mile pace group reaches us and I swear a few times. Julie is so upbeat and tells me that we should try to stay with them for until mile 23 and then we can evaluate if we need to ease off a bit. She also says that I have two choices. I can throw my time goal out the window and just finish running or I can walk now but she thinks I would regret it if I walked. I knew she was right, she often is. 

Mile 22: We pick up the bike path finally. Home stretch but there is still so many miles left. Julie tells me we can still do it and reach the goal. I whine that I’ve already slowed us down so much. Julie, the angel that she is says, “You really haven’t. You’re still around 9:30 and everyone has those points in their race.” She’s the best. We also went out a bit fast. 

Mile 23: I thought we were at mile 24 so I whined to Julie. At this point she told me to pick a person and we would try to catch them that mile. I asked if we could do it the next mile and she compromised. We would have two miles to catch them. The first guy I picked walked after a water station. Score. The second person we caught and the third I never did catch. We also see the cutest chocolate lab puppy. Think chubby baby Lyla… At one point Julie told me this was probably my last time running on the bike path. So true…

Mile 24: We pass Leddy Park again. Things start to get troublesome. Usually with 2 miles left I’m in good shape knowing I have one mile until the last mile. But Julie pulled ahead here to keep me chasing the goal. She looked over her shoulder every minute to make sure I was still running. I love her. 

Mile 25: Hot damn. We are near North Beach and it’s amazing. Julie asks me what my final mile goal is and being the whiner that I am, said “to survive.” Julie didn’t really like my attitude and I don’t blamer her. She had put up with a lot. We pushed it a little, pulled back a bit, and so on. Julie tells me at one point that we have four minutes to make it to the finish line. No way. 

Mile 26: The first 100th of a mile was a little rough but I did start kicking it. The second 100th I totally kicked it through the finish line corral. It was amazing. There were hundreds of people and it totally inspired me. We turn a corner and I see the clock at 4:00:xx. I was excited to hit 4:00 even if it wasn’t under! 

Finish: According to the gun time I crossed in 4:00:43. I crossed the line and my legs literally gave out beneath me. Julie comes over to hold me up and before I know it two medical workers are holding me up and helping me to walk over to the medical tent. They offer me water which I take and I ask for ice. They asked how many bags I want and I asked for the whole bucket. The guy didn’t understand my sarcasm and told me he couldn’t give me the whole bucket. Julie was wonderful and got me a medal and took my shoes off. I had been complaining since like mile 7 that my feet hurt. Julie had told me that everyone’s feet hurt. But once she saw my blisters she was shocked. Apparently not running for five weeks makes your feet a bit sensitive. 

I couldn’t move for a while because my muscles hurt. And so we drank copious amounts of fluids and cheered on runners. I hit up almost every water station and yet I felt so dehydrated. The salt on my body was insane. At one point my eyes started burning and I couldn’t open them. Luckily the woman next to me helped me out. 

Christine and rebecca soon finished and we all congratulated one another. Rebecca, Julie and I headed to the beer tent after rebecca gave me some flip flops. Bless her. There was no way my sneakers were going back on. 

At the beer tent I saw Kelsey while in line for a beer. So glad to see her again before I move!! 

Julie and I stretched for a bit and then slowly trudged up the hill. We went to American Flatbread for pizza. There was a bit of a wait, but we survived. We ordered two large pizzas and I think the guy was very surprised. We also got maple lemonade. Amazing. 

Currently sitting on the futon watching our third movie and eating some garlic bread and grapes. We also had more leftover pizza. ¾ of a pizza, garlic bread, and grapes. Refueling at its finest! It will be early to bed tonight if I can make it into my bed…

Official time: