What I Ate Wednesday

Guys, I forgot to take pictures of what I ate yesterday so that I could post this this morning. Oops. And then I vowed to take pictures of my food today and definitely forgot to take a picture of my snack…well one of my snacks and my lunch. It’s a make shift What I Ate Wednesday post today.

I woke up super well rested at 6:30 this morning. I washed my sheets yesterday and my bed was so comfy last night. It’s the little things in life…My stomach was still feeling a little bit off so I stuck with toast this morning (one slice with butter and jam and the other with peanut butter). I also had my first tempo run and needed the carbohydrates for fuel and I will not let any of my Great Harvest loaf go to waste. Thank you to Kath for getting me addicted to Great Harvest bread. Luckily I live in a place where a bakery exists. Where I work there is an indoor farmers’ market and Great Harvest sells there and I love it.

Side note about my stomach being a bit upset lately. I had a physical on Monday and my doctor asked me if it could be from something I have been eating. My job is to pay attention to what people eat and how it affects them and yet I don’t do the same for myself. The only food that I have recently been eating more of which I don’t normally eat are bell peppers. They were on sale this week and I bought four…impulse buy. So then my doctor starts telling me that peppers are high in a type of carbohydrate that isn’t easily digested in the small intestine…blah blah blah… I just look at her and I ask, “Are you going to put me on a low FODMAP diet?” She starts laughing, realizing that I am in the nutrition profession and that I have known what she was hinting at all along. She shook her head and suggested that maybe I food journal though. Isn’t that my recommendation as a future RD?! I felt put in my place. But I had better plans to take pictures of what I eat…although clearly I am slacking.

Moving on to that tempo run! I decided to run on the treadmill because the weather yesterday said freezing rain this morning (no…just no) and because then I could be sure that I was running at the right pace. I can’t wait for my running watch to arrive. It’s pink…insert emoji with the waving hands…Do you guys know which one I am talking about? It’s my favorite and I definitely abuse it.

I went into the run thinking that 5 miles on the treadmill would be absolute torture and so I aimed for 4, cutting my warm up and cool down from a mile and a half to just a mile. However, I needed the full mile and a half to warm up. Then I cranked up the pace until it said 8:06 being careful to not look at the level until I hit my target pace because anything over 7 freaks me out a bit (anyone else scared of shooting off the back?). Two miles at level 7.4 went by so fast. That’s a lie. The first mile went by so fast and the last mile dragged and I kept staring at the mileage. My sister’s mantra stuck in my head, though. “Run the mile you’re in” she wrote on her blog. While running I also listened to an episode of Food Psych about orthorexia which had me captivated. By the time the mile and a half cool down came around I figured why not finish out the full 5 miles?!

I spent the rest of the day doing homework with my friend. I brought leftover spaghetti and a blood orange to her house for lunch. Before I left I had a snack of a yogurt topped with some cereal. I have come to the conclusion that I love yogurt but without something else it just doesn’t fill me up. I went to the store on my way to her house and picked up some Uncle Sam’s Raisin Bran cereal. I chose an on-sale brand and it has only four ingredients, winning! I love adding some crunch to yogurt and extra carbohydrates for marathon fueling.

I spent the afternoon shopping at Michaels for scrapbooking supplies and totally got sucked in…does anyone else go into Michaels and purchase everything in sight? It’s like Target…

I am currently making dinner while I type up the body of this post. I had a date-less energy ball while I was cutting up a sweet potato because I knew I wouldn’t make it to dinner without getting “hangry” and nobody wants to experience that. Even now I feel hungry again. Those hard runs really get my metabolism going…I think tempos are harder than long runs. I will let you know if my mind changes after Friday when I do my long run at 6:30am after a late night on Thursday…

Dinner tonight consisted of roasted sweet potato nachos. I have really been loving Mexican-inspired meals lately. It could be the cheese. I love cheese and salsa and beans and guacamole. I love it all. I decided to take a break from enchiladas tonight since I’ve had them three days this week already. I should have roasted the potatoes longer but some were getting dark. Others were still a bit soft but still delicious.

Later tonight I am going to watch This is Us with my neighbor and I cannot wait. Anyone else loving this show? It has some really great lessons and inspirational messages. Not to mention Milo…

Side note…I need to start taking better pictures…




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