Cut Yourself Some Slack

Thank you to Janae for featuring my running accomplishment! I am in awe of her running accomplishments and feel inspired whenever I read her blog.


Life is full of changes and adjustments. As I write this I graduate one month from tomorrow. ONE MONTH! While that’s so exciting it also means a lot of changes are coming. And a lot of things are currently happening.

The next few weeks I am insanely busy balancing work, school, applications, travel, etc. etc. Oh, I forgot marathon training. Peak marathon training. That means long tempo runs and wayyyyy longer long runs. That takes up a lot of time! The other day I ran for three hours. That’s three hours that I could have been doing homework or filling out applications or anything.

Why am I writing about this? Everyone has their own version of busy. Everyone is stressed out at some point in their life. I got through my very busy dietetic internship so what gives now? Well, I am writing this because sometimes when things are hectic in your life it’s harder to make healthier choices.

One of my favorite professors says that we all have willpower reserves (i.e. a certain amount of willpower). When we use up that willpower making important decisions at work, in our personal lives, or at the gym we may not have enough left when it comes to eating decisions. Therefore, we may end up reaching for the bag of pretzels while we cook dinner, pouring two glasses of wine while watching Netflix, or munching on leftover Easter candy while doing homework. (Those are all my examples).

(wine pic with my best friend because I miss her…and now wondering if I should cut my hair like this again)

It’s easy to get down on ourselves and think that we are making terrible choices and setting ourselves up for weight gain. It’s easy to say that we should get rid of the temptation in the house so that we can be better. It’s easy to call ourselves failures.

It’s hard to cut ourselves some slack. So you were hungry while making dinner and needed something to tide you over so you would’t be ravenous at the dinner table. Okay. So you have had a very long week (and it’s only Wednesday) and “needed” a few glasses of wine to unwind. Okay. So you love Easter candy and want to have a handful of m&ms/cadbury eggs/reese’s at the end of the day. Okay. How does any of that make you a failure? It doesn’t. It just is right now. 

(daydreaming about a vacation…)

Sometimes we eat for reasons that are not physiological. While intuitive eating tells us that we should be eating for physiological reasons rather than emotional or external reasons, that is not always the case. We are human. Emotions arise. Food brings comfort. Life changes occur. Food brings pleasure. It happens. Ride the wave.

(Definitely want to go on another vacation)

Some days I cook a few great meals and enjoy leftovers all week long. Other days I am traveling so much that I make pantry meals on good days and other days I eat pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast and dinner. Or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. #classic

I’m guilty of not cutting myself slack and I know I am not the only one out there. I’m sitting here typing this post enjoying the last of my boxed wine with remnants of mini cadbury eggs probably in my futon next to me. The next three weeks are a whirlwind. All I can do is choose food that is nourishing and satisfying. Nutritious and comforting. I want to fuel my body but I also need to take care of my body and mind during this hectic time.

Think of other ways that you handle your emotions or challenging times. I find that running, walking, listening to music, calling my mom, and online shopping (probably not the best) helps! I’ve also been trying to read my book before bed but that has never been a strong point of mine.

You do you, girls and guys. Cheers to cutting ourselves some slack.


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